How do I check the status of an order?

In “My orders” you can see the progress of all of them. Once delivered, you will receive more information on how to track the package and when it will arrive.

To check the status of your purchase, hover over your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click it and choose ‘Orders’ in your dashboard, which is a page of all your active and previous orders.

If on the right hand side of the listing title the icon is Orange, it means that the item has not shipped yet. You will receive a shipping confirmation email when the tracking number has been put into the system and your order receipt with your dashboard will provide the info for you to track the shipment.

What forms of payment does Wolves by Nature accept?

We accept payment with Visa, Mastercard & American Express or a PayPal account. All credit cards used for payment must have a valid billing address.

Why am I required to register before making a purchase?

Registering is quick and easy, we require only a password in addition to the email that you provide. Having an account lets you keep track of your orders’ status from your dashboard easily.

How can I trust buying on Wolves by Nature?

We know that safety and trust are really important to you and being frequent online shoppers ourselves, we take it seriously. When you purchase an item on Wolves By Nature, we accept your payment through a secure PayPal gateway portal that keeps your personal information private.

About Wolves By Nature

The wolf has been around for centuries now, known as fearless hunters with a strong mind and ambitious blood. They are wild and their own leaders. This is who we are! We ARE Wolves By Nature and so are you! We’re here to bring out your wild side, to give you a product to make you fearless, sexy and ready to take on the summer days ahead.

Our product is designed in Melbourne, Australia and made on the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. We pride ourselves in quality and giving out the best service we can to our clients, every item is made and packed with love and fulfilment that our client will be satisfied.

Our product is of high end, with every part of it thought through and designed for a particular reason… from the bikini down to the packaging it comes in, no stone is left unturned. That is why we are 100% certain of our product and the quality we are selling.

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